Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The FastRender method draws the video image using the BitBlt or StretchBlt functions.


void FastRender(
    IMediaSample *pMediaSample



Pointer to the IMediaSample interface of the sample that contains the image.

Return Value

No return value.


The CDrawImage::DrawImage method calls this method, but only if the allocator for the connection is a CImageAllocator object. In that case, the media sample is guaranteed to be a CImageSample object. The CImageSample object uses the CreateDIBSection function to allocate shared memory for the bitmap, which makes it possible to draw the image using either BitBlt or StretchBlt.

This method calls BitBlt if the source and targer rectangles exactly match, or StretchBlt otherwise.

If the filter does not own the allocator, the DrawImage method uses CDrawImage::SlowRender to draw the image.

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