Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The DrawImage method draws a video frame on the video window.


BOOL DrawImage(
    IMediaSample *pMediaSample



Pointer to the IMediaSample interface of the sample that contains the image.

Return Value

No return value.


This method delegates to CDrawImage::FastRender or CDrawImage::SlowRender, depending on whether the filter owns the allocator that provided the sample. If the filter does own the allocator, the sample is guaranteed to be a CImageSample object. In that case, the sample uses shared memory allocated by GDI, and the image can be drawn using either BitBlt or StretchBlt. Otherwise, the images must be drawn using the slower SetDIBitsToDevice or StretchDIBits functions. 

In debug builds, this method calls DisplaySampleTimes to draw the sample's time stamps over the video image.

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