Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DirectXSetupSetCallback Function

Sets a pointer to a callback function that is periodically called by DirectXSetup. The callback function can be used for setup progress notification and to implement a custom user interface for an application's setup program. For more information, see DirectXSetupCallbackFunction. If a setup program does not provide a callback function, DirectXSetupSetCallback is not invoked.


INT DirectXSetupSetCallback(      

    DSETUP_CALLBACK Callback );


Address of a callback function.

Return Value

Currently returns 0.


To set a callback function, DirectXSetupSetCallback must be called before DirectXSetup is called.

The name of the callback function passed to DirectXSetupSetCallback is supplied by the setup program. However, it must match the prototype given in DirectXSetupCallbackFunction.

Function Information

Import librarydsetup.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 98

See Also

DirectXSetupCallbackFunction, DirectXSetup

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