Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Implementing a Lobby Client

A lobby client is an application that resides on a user's computer. It typically serves as a link between a game application on the user's computer and a lobby server on a remote computer. However, lobby clients can also function as stand-alone applications. For instance, they can be used to arrange a game session among the users of a particular local area network (LAN) subnet.

Lobby clients typically consist of three primary components that handle the following tasks:

DirectPlay does not specify how the first two items should be implemented. Lobby client vendors should use whatever approach is suitable to their product. What DirectPlay provides is a standard application programming interface (API) that a lobby client can use to communicate with DirectPlay, and through DirectPlay with the user's lobbyable game applications.

This section discusses the essential details of lobby client implementation.

See the LobbyClient sample application for a fully implemented example of a simple lobby client.

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