Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DirectPlay URLs

Microsoft?DirectPlay?represents addresses as URLs. In general, URLs are strings that consist of three basic components in the following order: scheme, scheme separator, and data string.

All DirectPlay addresses use "x-directplay" as the scheme, and ":/" (a colon followed by a forward slash ) as the scheme separator. Using ":/" as a separator implies that the data that follows is opaque. In other words, the data string does not conform to any Internet standard and should be passed to the receiving application without modification. All DirectPlay URLs thus have the following general form.

x-directplay:/[data string]
Note  Do not use "://" (a colon followed by two forward slashes) as a scheme separator. That separator implies that the data that follows conforms to an Internet standard and can be interpreted as such. To prevent confusion, DirectPlay flags any URL containing "://" as invalid.

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