Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Working With DVD Menus

MSWebDVD automatically handles menu commands when the user clicks on the on-screen buttons with the mouse. An application does not need to do anything to implement basic mouse support. But an application can override this automatic mouse handling at any time in order to cause additional actions to take place when a user clicks on a menu button. For example, you could cause certain text or images to be displayed on the Web page depending on which button the user clicks. To implement custom mouse handling, use the MSWebDVD menu-related methods such as SelectAndActivateButton, GetButtonAtPosition, and so on. To completely disable automatic mouse handling, set the DisableAutoMouseProcessing property to true.

MSWebDVD also offers a set of methods (for example, SelectUpperButton) which allow you to display an image map on your Web page representing a DVD remote control, with buttons that move the current menu selection up, down, right and left. These buttons are referred to as "directional" or "relative" buttons in the documentation. Unlike the buttons that appear within the DVD menus, the directional buttons are supplied by an application.