Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DisableAutoMouseProcessing Property

The DisableAutoMouseProcessing property enables or disables the MSWebDVD object's mouse-processing functionality.


[ bMouseProcessing = ] MSWebDVD.DisableAutoMouseProcessing

Return Values

Returns a boolean value indicating whether to disable the default mouse processing.


This property is read/write with a default value of false. The MSWebDVD object automatically handles mouse actions for DVD on-screen menus by default; users can highlight and activate menu buttons without special programming by the application. An application can turn off this default mouse-handling functionality by setting this property to true. When the automatic mouse processing is turned off, an application must use the various button-related methods and properties to handle mouse moves and mouse clicks on the on-screen menus. Also, an application can use the button-related methods to override the automatic mouse handling even when when DisableAutoMouseProcessing is set to false.