Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MSVidWebDVD.SaveBookmark Method

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The SaveBookmark method saves the current disc position and state of the MSVidWebDVD object so the user can return to the same place later.




This method takes no parameters.

Return Values

This method does not return a value.

Error Codes

If the property fails, Err.Number may be set to one of the following values.

Value Description
E_UNEXPECTED Unspecified error
E_FAIL Unspecified failure


A bookmark is a snapshot of the player's current state. This includes information such as where it is playing on the disc, and which audio and subpictures streams are selected. The most common use for bookmarks is to allow the user to stop playback, and even shut down the computer, and come back later to continue viewing the disc right where he or she left off, with all settings just as they were before, avoiding any mandatory playback screens such as the FBI warning. Without using a bookmark, these screens would have to be replayed each time the graph is restarted.

Only one bookmark can be saved at any given time. When you call SaveBookmark, the old bookmark is overwritten.



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