Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Saving and Restoring Bookmarks

Bookmarks are an internal data structure that the MSWebDVD object uses to create a snapshot of the current user session, including information such as the current location on the disc, the parental level of the person who was viewing at the time, the selected audio and subpicture streams, and so on. This means that users can save their place on a DVD-Video disc and come back to watch it at a later time.

The SaveBookmark method enables a user to save their place on a disc and the RestoreBookmark method enables the same user to begin viewing again from the stored location.

Only one bookmark can be stored at a time. Calling SaveBookmark twice will cause the first bookmark to be overwritten. Bookmarks are specific to a computer. Running the same HTML page on a different computer and calling RestoreBookmark will restore the last-saved bookmark on that computer or will return an error if no bookmark was previously saved.