Microsoft DirectX 9.0

MSVidWebDVD.DVDAdm Property

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The DVDAdm property provides access to the MSVidWebDVDAdm object that contains methods and properties for saving application and user information.


VidWebDVD.DVDAdm As IDispatch


This property takes no parameters.

Return Values

This property allows the user to set and retrieve values of the MSVidWebDVDAdm object without creating a separate object. If one wishes to create a separate MSVidWebDVDAdm object, use the return value as shown:

Dim oVidWebAdm As MSVidWebDVDAdm
Set oVidWebAdm = oVidWebDVD.DVDAdm


This property is read-only in the sense that one cannot set the base property. However, one can set or retrieve appropriate methods and properties accessed through this property.


' Returning the property.
idAdm = VidWebDVD.DVDAdm
' Setting a property through this property.

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