Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Video Capture Interfaces

These interfaces support video capture, using Microsoft® Windows® Driver Model (WDM) devices or legacy Microsoft® Video for Windows® (VFW) devices.

Interface Description
IAMAnalogVideoDecoder Control video digitization on a WDM video capture card.
IAMBufferNegotiation Control how a pin allocates buffers.
IAMCopyCaptureFileProgress Callback interface to receive the progress of a file copy operation.
IAMCrossbar Create a hardware connection between a WDM audio or video source and a WDM capture device.
IAMDroppedFrames Query a capture filter about capture performance.
IAMStreamControl Control the start and stop times of individual streams.
IAMStreamConfig Query and set the capture filter's output format.
IAMVfwCaptureDialogs Display the dialog boxes provided by VFW capture drivers.
IAMVideoControl Control the picture from a capture device.
IAMVideoProcAmp Adjust the qualities of a video signal, such as brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, gamma, and sharpness.
ICaptureGraphBuilder2 Build filter graphs for video capture.
IFileSinkFilter2 Specify the name and attributes of an output file.

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