Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IAMVideoControl Interface

The IAMVideoControl interface enables you to flip a picture horizontally and/or vertically, set up a stream so it can capture from an external trigger (such as a camera button that the user pushes), simulate an external trigger in software, and list the available frame rates.

Use this interface when your application runs on hardware that is capable of flipping and external triggering.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IAMVideoControl interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
GetCaps Retrieves the capabilities of the underlying hardware.
SetMode Sets the video control mode of operation.
GetMode Retrieves the video control mode of operation.
GetCurrentActualFrameRate Retrieves the actual frame rate at which the device is streaming. This method is used with devices, such as the Universal Serial Bus (USB) or cameras that use the IEEE 1394 serial standard, where the maximum frame rate can be limited by bandwidth availability. This is only available during video streaming.
GetMaxAvailableFrameRate Retrieves the maximum frame rate currently available based on bus bandwidth usage for connections such as USB and IEEE 1394 camera devices where the maximum frame rate can be limited by bandwidth availability.
GetFrameRateList Retrieves a list of available frame rates.


For Windows Driver Model (WDM) devices, the WDM Video Capture Filter automatically exposes this interface if the WDM driver supports the PROPSETID_VIDCAP_VIDEOCONTROL property set. For more information, see the Windows DDK documenation.