Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Using Audio Scripts

Scripts are collections of variables and routines authored in DirectMusic Producer. Although they consist mainly of text, scripts also contain a few binary parameters. For a conceptual overview, see Audio Scripts.

Load a script by using the IDirectMusicLoader8::GetObject method. Obtain the IDirectMusicScript8 interface, then call IDirectMusicScript8::Init to associate the script with a performance.

The following example function loads and initializes a script.

HRESULT LoadScript(IDirectMusicPerformance8 * pPerf, 
                                IDirectMusicLoader8* pLoader, 
                                WCHAR* wstrFileName,
                                IDirectMusicScript8** ppScript)
  if ((NULL == pPerf) || (NULL == pLoader))
    return E_INVALIDARG;
  if (SUCCEEDED(hr = pLoader->LoadObjectFromFile( 
    CLSID_DirectMusicScript, IID_IDirectMusicScript8,
    wstrFileName, (LPVOID*) ppScript)))
    if (FAILED(hr = (*ppScript)->Init(pPerf, &errInfo)))
  return hr;

Apart from Init, the methods of IDirectMusicScript8 have three main purposes:

All the methods of IDirectMusicScript8, except the enumeration methods, retrieve error information in a DMUS_SCRIPT_ERRORINFO structure. An error can occur if a variable is not found or code within a routine fails to execute.

Scripts can also be used without being directly loaded or called by the application. A segment authored in DirectMusic Producer can contain a script track that triggers calls to routines in one or more scripts.