Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Microsoft Unified Tuning Model Enumerations

The following table lists all the Enumeration types used by the Microsoft Unified Tuning Model interface methods.

Enumeration Type Description
ATSCComponentTypeFlags Specifies an AC3 audio stream.
BinaryConvolutionCodeRate Specifies the binary convolution code rate.
ComponentCategory Specifies the component (substream) category.
ComponentStatus Specifies the status of a component (substream).
DVBSystemType Specifies the type of DVB system supported in a Tuning Space.
FECMethod Specifies the type of forward error correction being used at the transmission source.
GuardInterval Specifies the guard interval.
HierarchyAlpha Specifies the hierarchy alpha.
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM Specifies line 21 services.
ModulationType Specifies the modulation type.
MPEG2StreamType Specifies the MPEG2 stream type.
Polarisation Specifies the polarisation type.
SpectralInversion Specifies the spectral inversion.
TransmissionMode Specifies the transmission mode.