Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The KS_CC_SUBSTREAM constants specify the various services that are available on line 21 of the vertical blanking interval (VBI).


Requires Ks.h and Ksmedia.h. Include Ks.h before Ksmedia.h

Constant Value Description
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_SERVICE_CC1 0x0001 CC1 (caption channel)
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_SERVICE_CC2 0x0002 CC2 (caption channel)
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_SERVICE_T1 0x0004 T1 (text channel)
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_SERVICE_T2 0x0008 T2 (text channel)
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_SERVICE_CC3 0x0100 CC3 (caption channel)
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_SERVICE_CC4 0x0200 CC4 (caption channel)
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_SERVICE_T3 0x0400 T3 (text channel)
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_SERVICE_T4 0x0800 T4 (text channel)
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_SERVICE_XDS 0x1000 Extended Data Services (XDS)
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_FIELD1_MASK 0x000F Bitmask to filter field 1 substreams.
KS_CC_SUBSTREAM_FIELD2_MASK 0x1F00 Bitmask to filter field 2 substreams