Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Stream Buffer Engine Interfaces

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

Applications use the following interfaces for building stream buffer engine graphs in addition to the base filter interfaces.

Interface Description
IEnumStreamBufferRecordingAttrib Enumerates a collection of attributes on a stream buffer file.
IStreamBufferConfigure Configures the location, number, and size of the backing files used by the various stream buffer objects.
IStreamBufferInitialize Configures the stream buffer filters.
IStreamBufferMediaSeeking Controls seeking in a stream buffer source graph.
IStreamBufferRecComp Creates new content recordings by concatenating existing recordings.
IStreamBufferRecordControl Controls Recording objects
IStreamBufferRecordingAttribute Sets and retrieves attributes on a stream buffer recording.
IStreamBufferSink Controls the Stream Buffer Sink filter.
IStreamBufferSource Controls the Stream Buffer Source filter.