Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Stream Buffer Sink Filter

This topic applies to Windows XP Service Pack 1 only.

The Stream Buffer Sink filter is the sink filter for the Stream Buffer Engine. It stores streamed content for the Stream Buffer Source filter to read.

Filter Interfaces IBaseFilter, ISpecifyPropertyPages, IStreamBufferInitialize, IStreamBufferSink
Input Pin Media Types Video:

Audio and Data: All types accepted.

Input Pin Interfaces IMemInputPin, IPin, IQualityControl
Output Pin Media Types Not applicable
Output Pin Interfaces Not applicable
Filter CLSID CLSID_StreamBufferSink
Property Page CLSID Not applicable
Executable Sbeio.dll
Category CLSID_LegacyAmFilterCategory


Note   If Stream Buffer Sink is stopped and restarted, the render graph will lose context and be unable to access the capture graph. However, the tuner can change channels while the graph is running without problems.

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