Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Setting Up the Build Environment

This article describes how to build Microsoft® DirectShow® applications. You can build a project from the command line, or from within the Microsoft® Visual Studio® environment that comes with Microsoft® Visual C++®:

Header Files

All DirectShow applications use the header file shown in the following table.

Header File Required For
Dshow.h All DirectShow applications.

Some DirectShow interfaces require additional header files. These requirements are noted in the interface reference.

Library Files

DirectShow uses the library files shown in the following table.

Library File Description
Strmiids.lib Exports class identifiers (CLSIDs) and interface identifiers (IIDs). All DirectShow applications require this library.
Quartz.lib Exports the AMGetErrorText function. If you do not call this function, this library is not required.

In your build environment, place the DirectX SDK Include and Lib directories first in the Visual Studio search path. This ensures that you are using the most recent versions of these files.

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