Microsoft DirectX 9.0

PIN_INFO Structure

The PIN_INFO structure contains information about a pin.


typedef struct _PinInfo {
    IBaseFilter *pFilter;
    WCHAR achName[MAX_PIN_NAME];



Pointer to the IBaseFilter interface of the owning filter.


Direction of the pin (input or output).


Name of the pin.


If the name of an output pin begins with a tilde (~), the filter graph manager ignores the pin when it builds a graph. During a call to IGraphBuilder::Connect, IGraphBuilder::Render, or IGraphBuilder::RenderFile, if the pin appears on an intermediate filter, the filter graph manager does not render the pin. However, it renders the pin if you explicitly pass the pin to the Connect or Render method.

Use a tilde if the pin delivers a secondary stream that should not be rendered by default, or if the pin requires special code to render correctly. For example, DVD filters should use it for pins that deliver subpicture or closed captioning data. Video capture filters should use it for capture pins (but not preview pins).

The pFilter member has an outstanding reference count. The application must release the interface.

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