Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Microsoft TV Technologies Internals

This section provides background information on the underlying DirectShow filters and drivers that comprise the Microsoft TV Technologies system architecture. This material is relevant for developers of third-party components such as Guide Store Loaders, MPEG-2 decoders, and BDA device drivers. Applications running on Windows® XP do not communicate directly with the filter graph. Applications running on Windows 98SE, Windows Me, or Windows 2000 cannot use the Video Control, so these applications must build the filter graph and store tune requests.

The following illustration shows all of the Microsoft TV Technologies system components used for the reception of digital TV broadcasts.

Microsoft TV Technologies System Architecture

Note   The illustration above shows a software decoder. Hardware decoders are also supported. When a hardware decoder is used, the Video Port Manager filter connects to one of the decoder's output pins and manages the video port connection to the graphics card.