Microsoft DirectX 9.0

BDA MPEG-2 Transport Information Filter

Digital TV transmissions multiplex many programs and their related elementary streams (such as audio, video, IP data) in a single transport stream. So that a receiver can properly acquire all the elementary streams related to a specific program and so that a receiver can tell what programs are contained in the stream, the transport stream will also contain many sets of tables that act as a catalog of information contained in the transport stream. Under direction of the BDA Network Provider, the MPEG-2 Demultiplexer delivers these tables to the Transport Information Filter. The Transport Information Filter then parses these tables and provides the information to the Network Provider so that it can control the other receiver filters in the graph.

This filter also provides COM interfaces that enable a Guide Store loader application to retrieve in-band EPG information.

Filter Interfaces IBaseFilter, IConnectionPointContainer, IGuideData, ITuneRequestInfo
Input Pin Media Types Major type: MEDIATYPE_MPEG2_SECTIONS



Format type: None

Input Pin Interfaces IPin
Output Pin Media Types Not applicable
Output Pin Interfaces Not applicable
Filter CLSID Not applicable


Currently, the IGuideData interface is available only for DVB broadcasts. For other types, the filter returns E_NOINTERFACE when queried for the interface.

This filter supports event notifications through the IGuideDataEvent connection point interface. To set up the event sink, use the IConnectionPointContainer interface on the filter.

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