Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ITuningSpace Object

The ITuningSpace object is the base class for all derived tuning space objects. It is not used directly by applications. Applications always used the derived objects:

Method or Property Description
Clone Creates a new copy of the object.
CLSID The CLSID property retrieves the CLSID of the tuning space.
CreateTuneRequest Creates an empty (uninitialized) Tune Request object specific to this tuning space.
DefaultLocator Sets or retrieves the initial default ILocator object that the Tuner may use after installation.
DefaultPreferredComponentTypes Retrieves or creates a ComponentTypes collection object containing ComponentType objects specified by the user or application.
FriendlyName Sets or retrieves a user-friendly name of the tuning space.
NetworkType Sets or retrieves the network type of the tuning space.
UniqueName Sets or retrieves the globally unique name of the tuning space.