Microsoft DirectX 9.0

AnalogTVTuningSpace Object

The AnalogTVTuningSpace object represents an analog TV tuning space. See Default Tuning Spaces for the properties of the default analog TV tuning space.

Method or Property Description
Clone Creates a new copy of the object.
CLSID Retrieves the CLSID of the tuning space.
CountryCode Sets or retrieves the country/region code of the tuning space (based on TAPI country/region codes).
CreateTuneRequest Creates an empty (uninitialized) Tune Request object specific to this tuning space.
DefaultLocator Sets or retrieves the initial default locator on the local system for this tuning space. (Not used for analog tuning spaces.)
DefaultPreferredComponentTypes Retrieves or creates a ComponentTypes collection object containing the default preferred component types specified by the user or application. (Not used for analog tuning spaces.)
FriendlyName Sets or retrieves a user-friendly name of the tuning space.
InputType Sets or retrieves the input type, such as antenna or cable, for the tuning space.
MaxChannel Sets or retrieves the highest channel number for the tuning space.
MinChannel Sets or retrieves the lowest channel number for the tuning space.
NetworkType Sets or retrieves the network type of the tuning space.
UniqueName Sets or retrieves the globally unique name of the tuning space.