Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IMSVidPlayback Interface

This topic applies to Windows XP only.

The IMSVidPlayback interface controls a Video Control playback device.

In addition to the methods inherited from IMSVidInputDevice, the IMSVidPlayback interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
get_CanStep Queries whether the input source can step frame by frame.
get_CurrentPosition Returns the current playback position of the source.
get_EnableResetOnStop Indicates how playback will resume if the graph is rebuilt.
get_Length Retrieves the length of the playback source.
get_PositionMode Indicates how position values are interpreted by this interface.
get_Rate Retrieves the playback rate.
Pause Pauses the playback device.
put_CurrentPosition Seeks to a specified position in the source.
put_EnableResetOnStop Specifies how playback will resume if the graph is rebuilt.
put_PositionMode Specifies how position values will be interpreted by this interface.
put_Rate Sets the playback rate.
Run Runs the playback device.
Step Steps through the video stream by a specified number of frames.
Stop Stops the playback device.