Microsoft DirectX 9.0


This topic applies to Windows XP only.

The get_Length method retrieves the length of the playback source.


HRESULT get_Length(
  long*  lLength



[out]  Pointer to a variable that receives the length. The units for the returned value are determined by the current position mode:

Position Mode Returned Value
FrameMode Frame number
TenthsSecondsMode Hundredths of seconds

To set the position mode, call IMSVidPlayback::put_PositionMode.

Return Values

The method returns an HRESULT. Possible values include the following.

Value Description
E_NOINTERFACE The source does not support getting the length.
E_POINTER NULL pointer argument.
ERROR_INVALID_STATE The graph is not built. Call the Build or View method on the Video Control.
S_OK The method succeeded.

Note   The value ERROR_INVALID_STATE is converted to an HRESULT with the HRESULT_FROM_WIN32 macro.


Call the IMSVidCtl::Build or IMSVidCtl::View method before calling this method.

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