Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IEnumPins Interface

Enumerates pins on a filter.

The IBaseFilter::EnumPins method returns this interface. It is based on the standard Component Object Model (COM) enumerators. For more information, see the IEnumXXXX topic in the Platform SDK.

The filter graph manager uses this interface when it connects filters. Applications can use it to retrieve pins on a filter. For more information, see Enumerating Objects in a Filter Graph.

If the number of pins on the filter changes, some methods on this interface return VFW_E_ENUM_OUT_OF_SYNC. Call the IEnumPins::Reset method to resynchronize the enumerator.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the IEnumPins interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
Next Retrieves a specified number of pins.
Skip Skips over a specified number of pins.
Reset Resets the enumeration sequence to the beginning.
Clone Makes a copy of the enumerator with the same enumeration state.