Microsoft DirectX 9.0

ICaptureGraphBuilder Interface

Note   This interface has been deprecated. It will continue to be supported for backward compatibility with existing applications, but new applications should use the ICaptureGraphBuilder2 interface.

The ICaptureGraphBuilder interface enables you to build capture graphs, preview graphs, file recompression graphs, or other custom graphs.

In addition to the methods inherited from IUnknown, the ICaptureGraphBuilder interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
AllocCapFile Preallocates a capture file to a specified size.
ControlStream Sends stream control messages to the pin of the specified category on one or more capture filters in a graph.
CopyCaptureFile Copies the valid media data from the preallocated capture file.
FindInterface Looks for the specified interface on the filter, upstream and downstream from the filter, and, optionally, only on the output pin of the given category.
GetFiltergraph Retrieves the filter graph that the builder is using.
RenderStream Connects a source filter's pin, of an optionally specified category, to the rendering filter, and optionally through another filter.
SetFiltergraph Tells the graph builder object which filter graph to use.
SetOutputFileName Creates the rendering section of the filter graph, which will save bits to disk with the specified file name.