Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IATSCChannelTuneRequest Object

The IATSCChannelTuneRequest object represents a tune request valid for ATSC network types. Applications create IATSCChannelTuneRequest object using the ATSCTuningSpace.CreateTuneRequest method. See Default Tuning Spaces for the properties of the default ATSC TV tuning space.

Method or Property Description
Channel Retrieves or sets the channel to be viewed.
Clone Creates a new copy of this IATSCChannelTuneRequest object.
Components Retrieves the IComponents object collection for this IATSCChannelTuneRequest object.
Locator Sets or retrieves the locator object associated with the requested broadcast.
MinorChannel Sets or retrieves the minor channel number to be viewed.
TuningSpace Retrieves the tuning space object