Microsoft DirectX 9.0


Signals the current time, in DVD_HMSF_TIMECODE format, relative to the start of the title. This event is triggered at the beginning of every VOBU, which occurs every 0.4 to 1.0 seconds.



A ULONG value that contains the DVD_HMSF_TIMECODE structure. Assign lParam1 to a ULONG variable and then cast that variable to a DVD_HMSF_TIMECODE to access its values.


A ULONG value containing a union of DVD_TIMECODE_FLAGS.


The DVD_HMSF_TIMECODE format is intended to replace the old BCD format that is returned in EC_DVD_CURRENT_TIME events. The HMSF timecodes are easier to work with. To have the Navigator send EC_DVD_CURRENT_HMSF_TIME events instead of EC_DVD_CURRENT_TIME events, an application must call IDvdControl2::SetOption(DVD_HMSF_TimeCodeEvents, TRUE). When this flag is set, the Navigator will also expect all time parameters in the IDvdControl2 and IDvdInfo2 methods to be passed as DVD_HMSF_TIMECODEs.

This event is raised in the title domains.

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