Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DVD Event Notification Codes

Note   This introductory material applies only to C++ developers.

Microsoft® DirectShow® supports system-defined events, which filters in the filter graph pass to the filter graph manager. Filters pass these events to the filter graph manager by using the IMediaEventSink::Notify method, and the application retrieves them with the IMediaEvent::GetEvent method.

When you retrieve an event by calling GetEvent, the event can contain interface pointers or pointers to allocated memory. Code that uses GetEvent should, therefore, call IMediaEvent::FreeEventParams to free any resources associated with the event's parameters after it handles the event.

The DVD event notification codes are listed in Dvdevcod.h. See Event Notification Codes for non-DVD event notification codes. The following list shows the available DVD event notification codes in alphabetical order.

DVD event notification code Description
EC_DVD_ANGLE_CHANGE Signals that either the number of available angles changed or that the current angle number changed.
EC_DVD_ANGLES_AVAILABLE Indicates whether an angle block is being played and angle changes can be performed.
EC_DVD_AUDIO_STREAM_CHANGE Signals that the current audio stream number changed for the main title.
EC_DVD_BUTTON_AUTO_ACTIVATED Signals that a menu button has been automatically activated per instructions on the disc.
EC_DVD_BUTTON_CHANGE Signals that either the number of available buttons changed or that the currently selected button number changed.
EC_DVD_CHAPTER_AUTOSTOP Indicates that playback stopped as the result of a call to the IDvdControl2::PlayChaptersAutoStop method.
EC_DVD_CHAPTER_START Signals that the DVD Navigator started playback of a new chapter in the current title.
EC_DVD_CMD_START Signals that a particular command has begun.
EC_DVD_CMD_END Signals that a particular command has completed.
EC_DVD_CURRENT_HMSF_TIME Signals the current time in DVD_HMSF_TIMECODE format at the beginning of every VOBU, which occurs every .4 to 1.0 sec.
EC_DVD_CURRENT_TIME Signals the beginning of every video object unit (VOBU), a video segment which is 0.4 to 1.0 seconds in length.
EC_DVD_DISC_EJECTED Signals that a disc has been ejected from the drive.
EC_DVD_DISC_INSERTED Signals that a disc has been inserted into the drive.
EC_DVD_DOMAIN_CHANGE Indicates the DVD Navigator's new domain.
EC_DVD_ERROR Signals a DVD error condition.
EC_DVD_KARAOKE_MODE Indicates that the Navigator has either begun playing or finished playing karaoke data.
EC_DVD_NO_FP_PGC Indicates that the DVD disc does not have a FP_PGC (First Play Program Chain).
EC_DVD_PARENTAL_LEVEL_CHANGE Signals that the parental level of the authored content is about to change.
EC_DVD_PLAYBACK_RATE_CHANGE Indicates that a playback rate change has been initiated and the new rate is in the parameter.
EC_DVD_PLAYBACK_STOPPED Indicates that playback has been stopped. The DVD Navigator has completed playback of the title and did not find any other branching instruction for subsequent playback.
EC_DVD_PLAYPERIOD_AUTOSTOP Indicates that the Navigator has finished playing the segment specified in a call to PlayPeriodInTitleAutoStop.
EC_DVD_STILL_OFF Signals the end of any still.
EC_DVD_STILL_ON Signals the beginning of any still.
EC_DVD_SUBPICTURE_STREAM_CHANGE Signals that the current subpicture stream number changed for the main title.
EC_DVD_TITLE_CHANGE Indicates when the current title number changes.
EC_DVD_VALID_UOPS_CHANGE Signals that the available set of IDvdControl2 interface methods has changed.
EC_DVD_WARNING Signals a DVD warning condition.