Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The DMUS_ARTICULATION2 structure describes a DLS instrument articulation chunk. This structure is used when the format identifier in the dwDLType member of the DMUS_DOWNLOADINFO structure is DMUS_DOWNLOADINFO_INSTRUMENT2. The DLS level 1 chunk is referenced by ulArt1Idx, and all additional articulation chunks are referenced by the list that starts with ulFirstExtCkIdx. DLS level 2 articulation chunks also use ulNextArtIdx.


typedef struct {
  ULONG ulArt1Idx;
  ULONG ulFirstExtCkIdx;
  ULONG ulNextArtIdx;



Index, in the DMUS_OFFSETTABLE structure, of the DLS articulation chunk. If 0, there is no DLS level 1 or 2 articulation.


Index of the first third-party extension chunk. If 0, there are no third-party extension chunks associated with the articulation. DLS level 2 chunks can also be placed here.


Index of additional articulation chunks to better support DLS level 2 articulations.


The articulation chunk consists of a CONNECTIONLIST structure followed by an array of CONNECTION structures. These structures are declared in Dls1.h. For more information, see the Downloadable Sounds Level 2 specification, published by the MIDI Manufacturers Association.


  Header: Declared in dmdls.h.

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