Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DirectShow Samples

The Microsoft® DirectShow® SDK samples are divided into categories according to functionality:

Building the Samples

There are multiple ways to build the DirrectShow SDK samples. Project files are included for both Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual Studio.NET. To build with Visual C++ 6.0, use the workspace files (.dsw). To build with Visual Studio.NET, use the solution files (.sln). All of the samples can be built for ANSI or Unicode.

Use the main workspace to build all of the samples

The easiest way to build all of the samples is to open DShow.dsw (or DShow.sln), which is located in the DirectShow samples root directory.  This workspace includes references to each of the project files for the individual samples. You can batch-build all or some of the projects from this workspace.

Some of the projects included in the SDK build support libraries that are used by other projects.  For example, the GargleDMO sample depends on the ControlBase and MedParamBase projects. If you build GargleDMO, Visual C++ will automatically build the and link these dependencies.

Use the workspace for a category of samples

Each of the subdirectories within the main DirectShow samples directory has a workspace (and solution) that builds all of the samples in that subdirectory. For example, if you want to build all of the capture samples, you can use the Capture.dsw workspace (or the Capture.sln solution) in the Capture directory.

Build individual projects

Each sample includes a workspace file and a solution file to build that sample individually. Many of samples link to the base class library, so you will need to build that first. See Base Classes.

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