Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DirectShow DV Filters

DirectShow provides several filters to support digital video (DV):

The DV Splitter and DV Video Decoder work together. The splitter takes the interleaved stream and outputs separate audio and DV video streams. The decoder converts the DV video to uncompressed video.

DV Splitter and DV Decoder

The DV Video Encoder and the DV Muxer reverse the process: The encoder converts uncompressed video to DV video, and the mux combines audio and DV video to create a single interleaved stream.

DV Encoder and DV Muxer

Another way to think of the splitter and mux filters is that the DV Mux converts type-2 DV to type-1 DV, while the DV Splitter does the opposite, converting type-1 to type-2.

Conversion between type-1 and type-2 DV

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