Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The Receive method receives the next media sample in the stream. This method implements the IMemInputPin::Receive method.


HRESULT Receive(
    IMediaSample *pSample



Pointer to the sample's IMediaSample interface.

Return Value

Returns an HRESULT value. Possible values include those shown in the following table.

Value Description
S_FALSE Pin is currently flushing; sample was rejected.
S_OK Success.


This method calls the pin's CBaseInputPin::Receive method, which checks the pin's streaming state and checks for format changes in the media type. Then it calls the filter's CTransformFilter::Receive method, which processes the sample and delivers it downstream.

If the filter needs to access the sample after this method returns, it should hold a reference count by calling the IUnknown::AddRef method on the sample. For example, some decoder filters need the current sample in order to decode the next sample.

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