Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Creating Audiopaths

Applications can set up audiopaths in the following ways:

An audiopath configuration object can be loaded just like any other object, by using IDirectMusicLoader8::GetObject or IDirectMusicLoader8::LoadObjectFromFile. A configuration embedded in a segment can be retrieved by using IDirectMusicSegment8::GetAudioPathConfig.

The audiopath configuration object does not have a unique interface or methods, and your application cannot change the configuration in any way. All you can do with the object is pass it, by its IUnknown interface, to IDirectMusicPerformance8::CreateAudioPath. For example code, see Playing Sounds on Audiopaths.

Audiopath configurations are the only means of creating nonstandard audiopaths. For instance, if different performance channels are to be routed to different buffers, this mapping must be specified in the audiopath configuration of a segment.