Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Components Object

The Components object represents a collection of components.

Interfaces IComponents
Outgoing Event Interfaces None.
CLSID Not applicable.


Each tune request has a Components collection. The collection contains zero or more Component objects, each of which describes a stream in the program.

Component information may be filled in when the Guide Store Loader initially creates the tune request, or it may not be known until the program stream is being captured by the hardware and the Transport Information Filter (TIF) has examined the PSI tables. In either case, after a tune request has been submitted, the components collection is updated by the TIF. An application can examine the tune request after submitting it, to discover possible additional information about the program stream.

To get a Components object, call the ITuneRequest::get_Components method on a tune request. The Components object cannot be created with CoCreateInstance.

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