Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IComponents Interface

The IComponents interface represents a collection of components. In digital television, the term component refers to a substream within the program stream. For example, a program stream may have three audio streams in different languages; in this case each audio stream is a component of the program stream. The IComponents interface is implemented on the Components object, which is a collection of components. The Components object enables applications to enumerate components within a program stream and perform operations related to individual components in the collection. The Components object also supports IPersistPropertyBag.

In addition to the methods inherited from IDispatch, the IComponents interface exposes the following methods.

Method Description
Add Adds a Component object to the collection.
Clone Creates a new copy of the collection.
EnumComponents Returns an IEnumComponents enumerator for all components in the collection.
get__NewEnum Enumeration method to support For...Each loops in Automation clients.
get_Count Gets the number of Component objects in the collection.
get_Item Enables the caller to access a component by index.
Remove Removes a Component object from the collection.