Microsoft DirectX 9.0

CEnumPins Class

CEnumPins Class Hierarchy

The CEnumPins class implements an enumerator for pins.

This class implements the IEnumPins interface. It calls the following CBaseFilter methods:

If the filter dynamically creates or destroys pins, it increments the pin version whenever the pins change. If the version number changes, the enumerator object is no longer synchronized with the filter. Once the enumerator is out of sync, the methods in CEnumPins return VFW_E_ENUM_OUT_OF_SYNC. Call the CEnumPins::Reset method to resynchronize the enumerator.


Header: Declared in Amfilter.h; include Streams.h.

Library: Use Strmbase.lib (retail builds) or Strmbasd.lib (debug builds).

Public Methods  
CEnumPins Constructor method.
~CEnumPins Destructor method. Virtual.
IEnumPins Methods  
Clone Makes a copy of the enumerator with the same enumeration state.
Next Retrieves a specified number of pins.
Reset Resets the enumeration sequence to the beginning.
Skip Skips over a specified number of pins.