Microsoft DirectX 9.0


The EndFlush method ends a flush operation. Implements the IPin::EndFlush method.


HRESULT EndFlush(void);

Return Value

Returns S_OK.


This method sets the CBaseInputPin::m_bFlushing flag to TRUE, which enables the CBaseInputPin::Receive method to accept samples.

The derived class must override this method and perform the following steps:

  1. Free any buffered data and wait for all queued samples to be discarded.
  2. Clear any pending EC_COMPLETE notifications.
  3. Call the base class method.
  4. Call IPin::EndFlush on downstream input pins. If the pin has not yet delivered any media samples downstream, you can skip this step. If your output pins derive from the CBaseOutputPin class, you can call the CBaseOutputPin::DeliverEndFlush method.

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