Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Capture DV to File

This section describes how to capture digital video (DV) from a DV camera or from a VTR tape.

  1. Create an instance of the MSDV Driver filter. For more information, see Selecting a Capture Device.
  2. Initialize the Capture Graph Builder, as described in About the Capture Graph Builder.
  3. Build the capture graph, depending on the target file type:
  4. Run the graph.

Capturing from a VTR tape works just like capturing live video from the camera, except that you must play the tape, as described in Controlling a DV Camcorder. To avoid losing any frames, run the graph first, and then play the tape. When you are done transmitting, stop the tape first and then stop the graph.

Note   The camcorder must be in VTR mode. See Device Type.

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