Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Adding a Source

Create a source object the same way you create other timeline objects. Before inserting it into the timeline, however, you must specify at least the following properties on the source.

In the following example, the source clip starts four seconds into the file. The media duration is 10 seconds, twice the length of the timeline duration, meaning the source will play at twice normal speed. The constant UNITS is defined as 10000000 (107) and equals one second.

pSourceObj->SetStartStop(0, 50000000)
BSTR bstrFile = SysAllocStringLen(OLESTR("C:\\example.avi"), 15);
pSource->SetMediaTimes(40000000, 140000000);

Note   Currently, DES cannot simultaneously render more than 75 sources that were compressed with Video Compression Manager (VCM) codecs. Also, if the project as a whole contains more than 75 such sources, you must use dynamic reconnection or DES cannot preview the project. For more information, see IRenderEngine::SetDynamicReconnectLevel.

For more information about sources, see Working with Sources.