Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IDirectXFileDataReference Interface

Applications use the methods of the IDirectXFileDataReference interface to support data reference objects. A data reference object refers to a data object that is defined earlier in the file. This enables you to use the same object multiple times without repeating it in the file.

IDirectXFileDataReference Members


Retrieves a pointer to the globally unique identifier (GUID) that identifies a Microsoft?DirectX?file object.


Retrieves a pointer to a DirectX file object's name.


Resolves data references.


After you have determined that an object is a data reference object, use the IDirectXFileDataReference::Resolve method to retrieve the referenced object defined earlier in the file. For information about how to identify a data reference object, see the IDirectXFileData interface.

The GUID for the IDirectXFileDataReference interface is IID_IDirectXFileDataReference.

Interface Information

Inherits fromIDirectXFileObject
Import libraryd3dxof.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 98

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