Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Instructions - ps_1_X

This section contains reference information for the pixel shader version 1_X instructions.

There are several types of pixel shader instructions, as shown in the following table.

Instruction Set

VersionInstruction slots1_11_21_31_4
psVersion number0xxxx
Constant instructions1_11_21_31_4
defDefine constants0xxxx
Phase instructions1_11_21_31_4
phaseTransition between phase 1 and phase 20x
Arithmetic instructions1_11_21_31_4
addAdd two vectors1xxxx
bemApply a fake bump environment-map transform2x
cmpCompare source to 01xxx
cndCompare source to 0.51xxxx
dp3Three-component dot product1xxxx
dp4Four-component dot product1xxx
lrpLinear interpolate1xxxx
madMultiply and add1xxxx
nopNo operation0xxxx
Texture instructions1_11_21_31_4
texSample a texture1xxx
texbemApply a fake bump environment-map transform1xxx
texbemlApply a fake bump environment-map transform with luminance correction1+1xxx
texcoordInterpret texture coordinate data as color data1xxx
texcrdCopy texture coordinate data as color data 1x
texdepthCalculate depth values1x
texdp3Three-component dot product between texture data and the texture coordinates1xx
texdp3texThree-component dot product and 1-D texture lookup1xx
texkillCancels rendering of pixels based on a comparison1xxxx
texldSample a texture1x
texm3x2depthCalculate per-pixel depth values1x
texm3x2padFirst row matrix multiply of a two-row matrix multiply1xxx
texm3x2texFinal row matrix multiply of a two-row matrix multiply1xxx
texm3x33x3 matrix multiply1xx
texm3x3padFirst or second row multiply of a three-row matrix multiply1xxx
texm3x3specFinal row multiply of a three-row matrix multiply1xxx
texm3x3texTexture look up using a 3x3 matrix multiply1xxx
texm3x3vspecTexture look up using a 3x3 matrix multiply, with non-constant eye-ray vector1xxx
texreg2arSample a texture using the alpha and red components1xxx
texreg2gbSample a texture using the green and blue components1xxx
texreg2rgbSample a texture using the red, green and blue components1xx

Where 1 + 1 counts as 1 arithmetic instruction + 1 texture instruction.

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