(PHP 4 >= 4.1.0)

ncurses_noraw -- Switch terminal out of raw mode


bool ncurses_noraw ( void )


本扩展模块是实验性的。该模块的行为,包括其函数的名称以及其它任何关于此模块的文档可能会在没有通知的情况下随 PHP 以后的发布而改变。我们提醒您在使用本扩展模块的同时自担风险。

ncurses_noraw() switches the terminal out of raw mode. Raw mode is similar to cbreak mode, in that characters typed are immediately passed through to the user program. The differences that are that in raw mode, the interrupt, quit, suspend and flow control characters are all passed through uninterpreted, instead of generating a signal. Returns TRUE if any error occurred, otherwise FALSE.

See also: ncurses_raw(), ncurses_cbreak(), ncurses_nocbreak()