Microsoft DirectX 9.0

DirectXRegisterApplication Function

Registers an application as one designed to work with IDirectPlayLobby3.


int DirectXRegisterApplication(      



Handle of the parent window. If this parameter is set to NULL, the desktop is the parent window.
Address of the DIRECTXREGISTERAPP structure that contains the registry entries that are required for the application to function properly with DirectPlayLobby.

Return Value

If this function succeeds, it returns TRUE.

If it fails, it returns FALSE. Call the GetLastError function to get extended error information.


The DirectXRegisterApplication function has to have both Dsetup.dll and Dsetup32.dll. These files are not installed on the system but they are included in the software development kit (SDK).

DirectXRegisterApplication corresponds to the old IDirectPlayLobby3::RegisterApplication method. It is recommended that you use the IDirectPlay8LobbiedApplication::RegisterProgram method instead.

Function Information

Import librarydsetup.lib
Minimum operating systems Windows 98

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