Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Automatic Gain Control

Microsoft?DirectPlay?Voice offers functionality to adjust the hardware input volume on the sound card automatically to provide the best recording input level possible. You can enable automatic gain control when you call IDirectPlayVoiceClient::Connect to connect to a voice session by setting the DVCLIENTCONFIG_AUTORECORDVOLUME flag in the dwFlags member of the DVCLIENTCONFIG structure. You can activate or deactivate automatic gain control during a session by calling IDirectPlayVoiceClient::SetClientConfig. Set the DVCLIENTCONFIG_AUTORECORDVOLUME flag to activate automatic gain control, and leave the flag unset to deactivate automatic gain control.

Most game applications should use automatic gain control because it requires a negligible amount of game resources and prevents the need for an in-game volume recording control. Users are not required to set the level themselves, yet they experience the highest quality of voice transmission and reception possible.

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