Microsoft DirectX 9.0

Terminating a Peer-to-Peer Session

When the session is over, the host should terminate the session by calling IDirectPlay8Peer::TerminateSession. This method terminates the session even if host-migration is enabled. All session members will be notified by a DPN_MSGID_TERMINATE_SESSION message. You should then perform any necessary cleanup. To start another session, you must first call IDirectPlay8Peer::Close, and then IDirectPlay8Peer::Initialize.

If you registered your application as available for connection by calling IDirectPlay8LobbiedApplication::SetAppAvailable, a lobby client can offer to connect you to a new session by sending your lobbied application message handler a DPL_MSGID_CONNECT message. You must have first called IDirectPlay8Peer::Close and IDirectPlay8Peer::Initialize.

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