Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IDirectPlayVoiceServer::Initialize Method

Initializes the DirectPlayVoiceServer object by associating it with a Microsoft?DirectPlay?object. Additionally, this method registers a message handler with this interface.


HRESULT Initialize(      

    LPUNKNOWN lpVoid,     PDVMESSAGEHANDLER pMessageHandler,     PVOID pUserContext,     LPDWORD lpdwMessageMask,     DWORD dwMessageMaskElements );


[in] Pointer to the IUnknown interface for the DirectPlay object that this DirectPlayVoiceServer object should use.
[in] User-defined callback function that is called when there is a DirectPlayVoiceClient message to process. A thread within the DirectPlayVoiceClient object calls the callback function, so it is not called in the context of your process's main thread.
[in] Pointer to an application-defined structure that is passed to the callback function each time the method is called.
[in] Array of DWORD values that contain the message identifiers that you want DirectPlay Voice to send to your callback function. If a message identifier is not specified in this array, it is not sent. Each message identifier should appear only once in the array, and only valid message identifiers are allowed. For example, DVMSGID_CONNECTRESULT is not valid for the server interface but is for the client interface. To enable all messages, specify NULL for this value.
[in] DWORD value that specifies the number of elements in the lpdwMessageMask parameter. If lpdwMessageMask is NULL, this must be 0.

Return Value

Returns DV_OK if successful, or one of the following error values.

DVERR_ALREADYINITIALIZEDThe object has already been initialized.
DVERR_GENERICAn undefined error condition occurred.
DVERR_INVALIDPARAMOne or more of the parameters passed to the method are invalid.
DVERR_INVALIDPOINTERThe pointer specified is invalid.
DVERR_NOCALLBACKThis operation cannot be performed because no callback function was specified.
DVERR_TRANSPORTNOTINITThe specified transport is not yet initialized.


You can call IDirectPlayVoiceServer::SetNotifyMask to change the notify mask during the course of the voice session.

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