Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IDirectPlay8LobbyClient::Send Method

Sends a message to a lobbied application that was launched by this lobby client or was connected by this lobby client.

This method sends a DPL_MSGID_RECEIVE system message to the target's message handler.


HRESULT Send(      

    const DPNHANDLE hConnection,     BYTE *const pBuffer,     const DWORD pBufferSize,     const DWORD dwFlags );


[in] Variable of type DPNHANDLE that specifies the target for the message transmission. You may also specify the following flag.
The message you have specified will be sent to all lobbied applications that are connected to your lobby client application.
[in] Pointer to an array of bytes that contains the message.
[in] Variable of type DWORD that specifies the size of the message buffer in the pBuffer parameter, in bytes. This parameter must be at least 1 byte and no more than 64 KB.
[in] Reserved. Must be 0.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or one of the following error values.

DPNERR_INVALIDFLAGSThe flags passed to this method are invalid.
DPNERR_INVALIDHANDLEThe handle specified is invalid.
DPNERR_INVALIDPARAMOne or more of the parameters passed to the method are invalid.
DPNERR_SENDTOOLARGEThe buffer was too large.


If the buffer size is larger than 64 KB, the method returns DPNERR_SENDTOOLARGE. If the buffer size is set to 0, the method returns DPNERR_INVALIDPARAM.

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