Microsoft DirectX 9.0

IDirectPlay8LobbyClient::ReleaseApplication Method

Releases a lobbied application and closes the connection between the lobby client and the application. This method should be called whenever a lobby client has finished its session with an application.


HRESULT ReleaseApplication(      

    const DPNHANDLE hApplication,     const DWORD dwFlags );


[in] The DPNHANDLE of the lobbied application to release. This value is set in the phApplication parameter of the IDirectPlay8LobbyClient::ConnectApplication method. You can also specify the following flag.
All application connections will be released.
[in] Reserved, must be 0.

Return Value

Returns S_OK if successful, or one of the following error values.

DPNERR_INVALIDFLAGSThe flags passed to this method are invalid.
DPNERR_INVALIDHANDLEThe handle specified is invalid.
DPNERR_INVALIDPARAMOne or more of the parameters passed to the method are invalid.

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